Posted by: wilkesusoccer | July 25, 2013

Italy Trip

Ciao Bellas! Tomorrow our Italy tour begins! We will be flying out of New York at 8 PM and will arrive in Rome on Saturday morning around 11 AM. Our trip will last for 10 days, with our return to the States on August 4th. During our tour we will have the experience to play 3 local Italian club/professional teams, along with multiple training sessions. Besides playing soccer, we will also get a taste of a different culture and learn about the beautiful cites of Rome, Tuscany, and Como. As a team, we hope to learn about the rich culture of Italy, build a stronger bond with each other , and kick some Italian butts in soccer! Arrivederci!



  1. You guys better have an awesome time! Take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity… And of course eat some pasta!

  2. Thanks Hayley!

  3. Have a fabulous time, take lots of pictures. Eat lots of pasta,but most of all have a lot of fun together. Good Luck too. God bless you all.

  4. Have a wonderful time ladies!! Enjoy every minute of this once in a lifetime trip!! Look forward to hearing about your adventures and seeing lots of pictures!!

  5. ahhhh have a blast ladies!!! Ill be keeping updated through the blog! I am so jealous of you guys and can’t wait to see pictures of it all! GO WWS!

  6. Have a wonderful time and girls don’t get pinched by too many handsome Italians!

  7. To Kirsten and Wilkes Team: Have a wonderful time and enjoy! We’ll be praying for you all! Stay safe! Love, Aunt Beth and all the Cromptons

  8. Have a great trip Everyone!!

  9. Have a great time and enjoy the soccer experience with the Italians. Can’t wait to see pics…have a safe trip..

  10. Have a great time and savor every minute! Keep the reports coming. Enjoying reading and seeing the pics!! Safe travel everyone!!

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