Posted by: wilkesusoccer | July 27, 2013

Finally, our Italy tour begins!


Haley and Ashley in our triple hotel room.

Last night our flight took off later than expected due to a late luggage addition. We didn’t end up getting in the air until 9ish! On the flight we received dinner and breakfast, and tried to sleep as much as we could for the long day ahead. After a bumpy flight we arrived in Rome around 10:45 am (4:45 am in the US). We were greeted by our tour guide/translator, Giancarlo (John-Carlo), not Chrisangelo, which for some reason I kept calling him (no wonder I didn’t get a response haha). It took some time for us all to claim our baggage and exchange currency. The shuttle bus then took us to our hotel in Rome, called the Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia.We quickly learned that driving in Italy is A LOT faster than home; it seemed we were going to crash any minute.

After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, we were in route to Vatican City for a guided walking tour. In order to go into certain parts of Vatican City, you are not allowed to wear anything shorter than the knees or have bare shoulders. We were all sweating due to the heat; thankfully part of the Vatican museum was air-conditioned. Vatican City was beautiful and left me in awestruck. It was weird to see architecture I’ve only seen in textbooks through my own eyes. In the Sistine Chapel, we got to see Michelangelo’s artwork on the ceiling that he painted while standing. In the Chapel, everyone had to remain silent and no pictures were allowed, because they still believe it to be a holy place. My personal favorite part of Vatican City was St. Basilicas Church. There were so many different praying stations and unbelievable artwork everywhere you looked. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

From the Vatican City we walked to “Piazza Navona” (“The Square”), where most of us got a taste of our first gelato and espresso! We drank the espresso while standing since it’s in a tiny teacup. For the rest of the time there we had free time to walk amongst the area. There were many bars, restaurants and shops that we all took the time to see.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


After a few hours of experiencing Rome, we took the shuttle bus back to our hotel where we had our dinner. The hotel had a 4-course meal, which consisted of: lasagna, salad, chicken with a lemon sauce, and gelato. It was a long day for all of us, seeing many sights and experiencing the new food/lifestyle in Rome. Many of us are heading to bed shortly, since the time difference from the plane is just starting to hit us now. Tomorrow we are transferring to Montecatini Terme after breakfast around 9 am, where we will get to see Trevi’s Fountain, and Spanish Steps. We have another long day ahead, but still can’t believe we are in ITALY!!




  1. From ABC news from New York tonight—record breaking heat in Rome! Rest up ladies and drink plenty of their water from all the fountains in the city it’s great! Keep the pictures and stories coming and I’m hoping you’ll have ac on your next stop.

  2. Great start to the trip it seems!! A little sweat never hurt anyone so suck it up you athletes!! The pictures look amazing and I am so glad that you have figured out the translators name kir haha typical Kirsten moment! Can’t wait to read more, keep the blogs coming ladies and have a great adventure today!

  3. What an amazing story to tell. Kirsten you did a wonderful job explaining your day. Can’t wait to hear more. Hope you all enjoy every moment that you experience there. Buon divertimento!!!

  4. It sounds like your trip is off to an amazing start! The pictures are beautiful. I seriously laughed out loud when I read how you pronounced Giancarlo’s name 🙂 Can’t wait to read more! Enjoy every minute, drink lots of wine/espresso, and eat lots of yummy authentic food!

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