Posted by: wilkesusoccer | July 27, 2013

Italy – Day 1 (Rome and more!)

Overall today was an awesome start to our trip. The flight went smooth for the most part, personally I’ve only flown on an airplane once in my life before, and that was about 8 years ago so it was a totally new experience to me. The 8-hour flight wasn’t bad, most of us slept for a good portion of it.

When we landed, the first thing we did was check into our hotel in Rome. From there, we had roughly 45 minutes to change and pack whatever we needed for the long day. We started our day at Vatican City, where we took a guided tour through the museum, and walked through the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Sistine Chapel was one of big landmarks that I was looking forward to on this trip, and it truly was amazing, but what I wasn’t expecting was how amazingly beautiful St. Peters was. All of the artwork in each, whether it was paintings, sculptures, or even just the architecture itself were all incredibly detailed, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.



After about 2 hours of touring Vatican City, we walked the short distance to the Piazza and had about 2 hours to explore and shop. Now this was about 4:30 in the afternoon, and we hadn’t eaten since around 9:00 am, before we landed, so naturally most of us went to get Gelato and/or coffee first, both of which were completely amazing. The coffee in Italy isn’t like the coffee we have back home; there are latte’s and cappuccinos, but their traditional coffee is espresso, which is a single shot served in a small glass that you drink at the counter. Almost all of us, including myself, didn’t put 2-and-2 together that this espresso was burning hot, and only finally realized so when we went to take a sip after just being served. The streets surrounding the Piazza were beautiful as well (not surprising). I walked with a couple girls over to The Pantheon, where we continued to take pictures and shop a little.SAM_0742SAM_0739


We met back at 6:30 to return to the hotel for dinner. At the restaurant in the hotel, we were all served dinner that consisted of lasagna, salad, grilled chicken, and then even more gelato for dessert. The hotel is pretty nice, except for the fact that there is no working air conditioning, but luckily we are only staying here for tonight. We all got through the day pretty well, any bumps along the way were smoothed out by our excitement and realization that we are actually in Italy; the trip some of us have been waiting 3 years for!


-Katie 🙂



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