Posted by: wilkesusoccer | July 31, 2013

Travel Day & Soccer

Today we did not get to tour a new city, we spent our morning traveling to our next hotel near Como, and in the afternoon we practiced on a great turf field.

The field

The field

Our 4 hour bus ride was long, but most of us slept or entertained ourselves.  After 2 hours we stopped at a rest station where we ate lunch.  This rest stop was a but different than one we would stop at back home, there was actually a full cafeteria style restaurant on the upstairs floor where we all ate.  The food was fresh, you could get multiple types of pastas, meat, they also had different fresh salad choices as well.

Right before we got to the hotel, we made a 2nd stop at a supermarket.  We had 45 minutes to grab water and various snacks.
We then arrived at the hotel Leonardo DaVinci, this is by far the nicest hotel we have stayed at.

We then traveled to a really nice turf field only about 10 minutes away, which had a beautiful view of the mountains in the background.  It was interesting to see that this field also had a clubhouse with a bar as a part of the complex, the field we played at yesterday also had one.

Walking off the field after practice (not into the bar)

Walking off the field after practice (not into the bar)

We returned for the hotel for a very nice dinner, this is the first dinner where we’ve had meat, pasta, and vegetables served all at once.  At the other hotel they were served separately. But over all it was a relaxing day, we all needed that.  Later we got some gellato and called it a night 🙂





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