Posted by: wilkesusoccer | August 2, 2013

Switzerland & Last Day in Como!

Today we went to Switzerland! It was only about an hour bus ride from our hotel.  Our first stop was Lake Lugaro, and it was incredible.  We took some pictures in front of the lake, and then had an hour and 30 minutes to walk around the shops.  On our way back to Como we stopped at the FoxTown Outlet mall where we spent another hour and a half.  A lot of the stores there were very high end, so most of us did not buy anything, some of us did however buy some macaroons or a muffin to hold us over until dinner.  Even though Switzerland’s currency is franks, we were still able to use euros, which was helpful.

Lake in Switzerland

Lake in Switzerland

We then had 2 hours in Como to continue to shop and sight see.  All of us got gelato again of course.  Our tour guide also showed us some great spots to take pictures that we hadn’t been able to get to yesterday.  Como was great, much less of a tourist spot overall compared to Rome and Florence, which made it more peaceful.  The streets were paved with stones, and the buildings were all so cute.  This would be a very nice town to live in because it overseas the lake with beautiful scenery in every direction.

Side street in Como

Side street in Como

We had our last dinner at the hotel tonight, yesterday we were informed that the owner of the hotel is also the head chef, and makes just about everything from scratch except the cheese.  Tonight we relaxed, all of us are very tired from soccer and walking for hours everyday, we needed to save our energy for our last day in Italy tomorrow </3




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