Posted by: wilkesusoccer | August 3, 2013

Our final day

I can’t believe this will be the last blog to post for our Italy tour! Today our team traveled to Milan. When we got to Milan, we had a walking tour of the city. We got to see a castle, and the 3rd largest cathedral in the world. After our tour we had free time to do as we pleased. My group went into the cathedral and secretly took pictures! After the cathedral we went shopping, in the shopping capital of the world! Milan was definitely the most modern of anything we have seen here in Italy; there were skyscrapers and many little kiosks. After we had our free time, we rode our bus back to the hotel where we had some free time, where many of us slept and laid down.

The third largest cathedral in the world.

The third largest cathedral in the world.

Inside the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral.


The castle in Milano

The castle in Milano


After our resting we headed off to our final game. It was more hot than usual because we played at 5 pm rather than 830 at night when there is shade. It was a close match, I think because the heat drained us out; we tied the game 0-0.  I thought that this team was the most friendly and interested in our team. We all go to trade shirts with each other and took pictures.

The last soccer field we played at.

The last soccer field we played at.

Anna and I trading t-shirts with each other.

Anna and I trading t-shirts with each other.

After the game, we had our farewell dinner at the clubhouse at the field. We all got our own pizza, and most of us finished it! Once we were done dinner we headed back to the hotel and showered. Tomorrow we will have to meet at 5 am in the lobby, which is super early. Our flight leaves here at 930am Italy time, and we are supposed to arrive at 1230pm US time; It’s going to be a long day for all of us, especially adjusting to the sleeping schedule.

Overall Italy has been one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I strongly encourage everyone to experience Italy, because no picture or words can fully describe the images and memories I will forever keep. I would like to thank coach for organizing this trip. It truly was an unforgettable experience; how many people can say they played soccer in Italy?! And I want to thank all of the chaperones who came along, it would not have been as awesome as a trip without all of them!! Thanks to all of the parents and fundraisers who helped, words really can’t express how appreciative myself and the team are. We are now cultured individuals, as we have learned so much about the country of Italy, as well as how spoiled we are as Americans. We have strengthened our bonds as teammates, as we will always remember the memories we shared here together. Lastly, we have grown as  team, as we prepare for the upcoming season, we have only prepared ourselves more than we could expect. WE LOVE YOU ITALY! Ciao! Arrivederci! It’s been an experience of a lifetime 🙂





  1. Safe trip to you all, may God keep you all safe.

  2. Thanks for making the time to tell us about the teams adventures! We really appreciate you taking some time out of your jampacked schedule to describe each day’s events and attach pictures! You did a great job!

  3. Thank you for the great job of keeping us up to date on your adventures!! You did a wonderful job keeping us up to date on your daily activities and I loved all the pictures!! Can’t wait to hear about the trip and see more pictures!! What great memories you all will have of your trip and of each other!! Safe trip home.

  4. Amazing that 3 years of planning came to fruition. Thanks Katie and Kirsten for doing an incredible job of blogging and to the team for representing us so well (aside from Teradactyl 😉 Thanks to the chaperones as well!

    You guys looked like you had a great time and I’m so happy for all of you to have experienced that. It was a great trip. Thanks for the great memories!

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