Meet Katie

My name is Katie Cocchi (I’m on the right in the banner), I am an upcoming senior studying accounting at Wilkes University.  Since coming to Wilkes, I have learned many necessary life skills through not only academic studies, but also from being a member of the Wilkes University Women’s Soccer team.  A major life skill that we stress on the team is goal setting.  Not only has goal setting helped our team succeed on the field, but it has also allowed us as individuals to succeed academically.

Over the past 3 years, one of our goals was travel to Italy, and the entire team has put forth countless hours into fundraising to make this trip possible. In Italy, we will be playing friendly matches against local teams, as well as visit remarkable places such as the Sistine Chapel and The Colosseum.  Traveling to a different country, and being able to see and interact with a completely different culture first hand will truly be an amazing experience, but being able to travel with 13 of my best friends only makes this trip that much sweeter.  It has been hard to contain our excitement thus far, but I am confident that this trip will only bring our family closer together, and motivate us to succeed in our upcoming 2013 fall season.


  1. Something people should know about Katie Cocchi. I remember seeing Katie at the MSSL Showcase at Philly Soccer on field 3, in the spring of 2010 (yes, I remember these things). Katie is the only one of several players in that class to have made it to her senior year while maintaining good grades and performing extremely well for us on the field. College soccer is not easy, there are many distractions and hurdles to overcome. Katie is a gem, she’ll be a rock for us at midfield this year, and I’m grateful to have her on my team.
    – Coach Sumoski

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